How To Tame A Player by GreatPretender04
Fiction , Wattpad Books / March 23, 2020

Are you heartbroken because of a playboy or a player? If you are, then you’re welcome to join the group. Log in to Facebook and search for a closed group: How To Tame A Player? You are welcome to leave any hateful remarks or any plan of revenge for him on this group. Remember, privacy is our number one priority. This group is dedicated to all the girls whose heart is shattered. Feel free to release the pain and agony. Who knows? That player may meet his own heartbreaker. What are you waiting for? Join this group! Product Details: Author: GreatPretender04 ISBN: 978-971-9648-77-2 Size: 4.5″ x 7″ Language: Tagalog Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Wattpad, Teens Fiction Format: Paperback No. of pages: 172 SRP: P120.00 Order this book via Shopee