The Epidemic Series: Quarantine by Lenard Alba

A Post-Apocalyptic End of Civilization Novel Due to the rapid spread of an unknown virus that causes malfunction to human lungs resulting to severe coughing, difficulty in breathing, blood vomiting and redness of eyes that can eventually lead to death, the Philippine government decided to quarantine the entire city of Manila by locking down every possible exit to further prevent the infection from spreading. As the mysterious disease continues to wreak havoc, Sarah who is a police woman and the lead survivor, together with her comrades struggles to escape from the city to save themselves from the ongoing catastrophe. But as they go on to their journey, they will discover things that are bizarre, unbelievable, and cannot be easily explained by science. Product Details: Author: Lenard Alba Format: Paperback Size: 4.5″ x 7″ ISBN: 978-9719648-80-2 Language: Tagalog No. of pages: 256 Genre: Thriller, Suspense Order this book via Lazada