101 Days of Heartbreak by Laurice Anne Zapanta

What happens when the broken-hearted hurts the heart breaker? Is it still love when you put revenge in the equation? Lawrence has always been the heartthrob in their campus. But when Yuri came, everything changed. Knowing her lover is popular, she entered the relationship without thinking about the consequences. And when he found out, the pain he felt was more than unbearable. Upon knowing this, he thought getting her back and hurting her will be the best vengeance. But when he feels the drums beat and the sparks fly again, will he still be the vengeful Lawrence, or the Lawrence for Yuri, once again? Product Details: Author: Laurice Anne Zapanta Format: Paperback Size: 4.25″ x 6.75″ ISBN: 978-971-9653-74-5 Language: Tagalog No. of pages: 124 Genre: Romance, Wattpad Order this book via Lazada